Our first session together is going to be about getting to know you and what is bringing you to therapy at this time. My approach is to always meet my client where they are mentally and emotionally. As a therapist, I hope to provide you with the tools necessary to be able to manage outside of therapy. I understand that opening up to someone new is hard, and so the first session is really about getting to know each other and building trust. We will explore many different angles, and we will focus on setting some goals that you would like to work on during our time together. 

My method to therapy is to be genuine, humble, and understanding towards all my clients. This means understanding that everyone is different and requires a different approach to therapy. I want my clients to come in feeling secure that they can be themselves without judgement and work on areas of their lives that are creating chaos. I am not your average therapist. I tend to be animated in sessions and how you see me in sessions is how I am in my everyday life. I will get excited with you when something great happens, and give you support and encouragement when working through emotionally trying times. You aren't alone, and we will work through this together. 

Image by Ravi Pinisetti